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Today's consumer is intelligent and makes precise decision before impulse buying of any products and services. In the process more consumer and people who influence the sales decision come over internet to research for the targeted products and services before making their mind to buy or use it. This way a new business emerges over internet, the concept of several brands and products solution over single website is popularly known as web portal or portal. Consumer always looking for new products and services over internet before final buying decision for the selected products, these kinds of internet based research and experience for products and service fuel the growth of portal business in Indian market and global market.

Portal is very complex business solution or internet solutions that bring hundreds of thousands of pages over single website with easy to update, search, promote, publish and manage.

What is portal: a portal is rich resources of information that can be displayed and consumed by users. The same can be produced by user also in some case. The portal consists of all commercial and non commercial activity where common content and exclusive content available over internet platform for free or paid consumption.

About Way2webworld Portal capability: Way2webworld developed one of the most innovative portal development platforms, with all features and functions that help any business portal to grow and built the strong business out of the box. The Way2webworld business portal framework is designed with MVC pattern and developed over Microsoft .net platform. This way the entire portal is highly secure, fully integrate and complete in design and content management system. Way2webworld portal platform can be used for all types of portal development from small portal for vertical business to global portal with high traffic and complex content and user managements. Way2webworld portals solutions is extensive services available on one time licensing fee based purchase along with add on services like maintenance package and BOOT module for business.

Currently Indian portals market trend is not predicted by any internet guru, but the business showing its momentum and people and companies are using portal very frequently and regular fuel the growth of portal based business. The next frontier after the search business over internet is portal. Any portal that satisfied the requirements of buyers, sellers, services providers and all stakeholders bound to get cash rich long term business. Some leading media house already forays into the portal business and earning huge profit over there. This trend show that potential of portal business is very high.

Some of the hot portals that become successful business in Indian internet market include the news portals, Job portals, matrimonial Service portals, Real estate portals, Classified portals, Small business information and lead portals, Ecommerce Portals, Travel and tourism portals, Automotive and car portals, financial service portals and several other portals.

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